End of Ride Lyrics:

Morning Song
Tears Of Heaven
Color Blind
End of Ride (Suite)
These Days
Head Straight
She Was
I've Found

Life (Paris, Keeling)

I've walked these streets I've called my own
Memories good and bad now gone
Do you remember when life got tough?

Everything still looks the same
Girls around all changed their names
Lost outside your childhood love

Well I know that I was still a kid inside
All I wanted us to do was run and hide

Life ain't always what it seems
Sometimes you get it just exactly what you need
Stay in - stick it out - never leave the game
Let it rock and roll - live another day

She walked into the life I've known
All I knew that day was gone
I do recall that I felt loved

All my feelings gone astray
Life would come back to me again
I was bound to find the way

And she was there and she was just what I needed
When I thought it was over that's when I cheated

It was wrong

Life ain't always what it seems
Good things happen if you take the time to dream
What if I would have somehow left the game?
Life as I know it never would have been


Life - Is but a dream and never over
Life - Another dream it's never over
Life - To the next dream never over
Life - Dream a dream that's never over

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